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About Us: Our Coffee Machine Hire Solutions

What is the story behind Coffee Rentals? Well, we’re passionate about two things and the first sounds rather obvious! We *love* coffee and we have a pretty solid idea of what it takes to make a great cup. And the second thing? Well, that’s providing awesome coffee machine hire deals that will let you serve high quality hot drinks and more to the people that matter most to you and your business.

We’re proud of our dedicated team and your coffee wish is our command. If it’s a flexible and affordable coffee machine hire solution you want, then you’ve come to the right people. Here you can learn more about us and what makes our team tick – apart from caffeine, obviously! If you want to hire a coffee machine, discover our story because it’ll show why it’s the best decision you could make!

  • Who Are Coffee Rentals?

    Who Are Coffee Rentals?

    Coffee Rentals is part of the Hire-Innovation group – the leading provider of commercial refrigeration, coffee making, hot food and catering equipment in the UK and Ireland. Our specialism, of course, is coffee machine hire. We’re able to let your business access the best coffee machines on the market for a fraction of the cost of buying your own. It’s time to #AimHire.

    Hire-Innovation has decades of proven retail, corporate and hospitality experience behind it. With our all-inclusive coffee machine hire packages, you will get the full support of our dedicated team. We’re committed to the success of your enterprise and we’re determined to help business dreams come true. And our expertise goes much further than coffee machines too…

    Our Expertise

Our Team

  • Ruairi Walsh

    Ruairi ­Walsh: Chief Marketing Officer

    I’m a no-fuss coffee drinker. I like a double espresso in the morning and a couple of Americanos during the day. No milk, no sugar – straight up! And being chief marketing officer of a company that supplies the best coffee machines and the best coffee beans is a dream job for me. I love what I do and I don’t think any other job could give me the same buzz. No two coffees are the same and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy the coffee business so much.

  • Garry Elder

    Garry Elder: Rentals Director UK & Ireland

    I love cappuccinos barista style; hot chocolate and white mochas are guilty pleasures and, if needed, a double espresso – bitter, not sour! Travelling in Europe lets me see a lot of exciting coffee houses and the people behind them. It still amazes me how coffee is served from country to country. Providing complete retail solutions with our rental model is a unique business to be part of. We’re unrivalled in what we do, so get in touch and you won’t look back…

  • Graeme Nesbitt

    Graeme Nesbitt:­ General Manager

    I spend a lot of time out and about showcasing our brilliant beans and machines, and there’s nothing I love more than a double espresso to get started in the mornings! The coffee business is a super place to be – I love how passionate my customers are about the perfect cuppa and I’m a willing guinea pig for madcap caffeine experiments! I love the social side of coffee too, so do get in touch and let’s chat about our unique rental offering.

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