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  1. Recaffe Smooth Coffee Beans

Recaffe Smooth

Recaffe Smooth coffee beans – for “smooth” coffee operators. Smooth is the expert blend of Brazilian, Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Indian beans that makes a stunning impact.

Our Recaffe Smooth coffee beans are lower in acidity, but deliver a floral aroma and notes of roasted hazelnuts and raw cocoa. That’s not all that you’ll be able to notice about our high quality Recaffe Smooth beans though.

Smooth delivers a full-bodied and spicy drink, one with exquisite balance – and a sweet edge too. Smooth beans go superbly with milk for the creation of smooth, sweet chocolatey cappuccinos or lattes.

We can supply Recaffe Smooth in 250g and 1kg bags. To order your beans, get in touch with our team today.

Recaffe Smooth: Smooth and round espresso for more traditional espresso drinkers…