Rent coffee machines from the experts…

If there’s one thing that we know all about, it’s the bustling UK and Irish coffee market. We’re here to rent coffee machines to businesses who want to share their love for coffee with the people that matter most to them. After all, we’re all about our coffee too. And that very fact ensures we can be your trusted adviser when it comes to securing the best coffee making solution for you. Why settle for less?

Not only do we want to share our passion with you, but our expertise too. Ultimately, we want to make your life easier. If you rent coffee machines from us, we’ll deliver, install and even show you how to use them. We’ll get you up and running; after that, we’ll keep you going too. Unbeatable back-up service and access to the latest products to come from the global coffee industry are all part of the service.

  • Our Team Is Full Of Beans

    Our Team Is Full Of Beans

    At Coffee Rentals, we’re fuelled by caffeine and the uncompromising desire to make sure your business is a huge success. With us, you can rent coffee machines and get coffee beans in an effortless package – an approach that underlines our dedication to what we do.

    If you know exactly what you’re looking from in your coffee making solution, great! If you don’t, no bother – we’re your trusted advisers if you want to rent a coffee machine. We can take you through all the options that are available to you based on your business needs.

    And our Recaffe coffee beans?

    Both our Pure and Smooth blends pass the Coffee Rentals taste test with flying colours – and we’re sure they’ll pass yours too. You need more than luck to create a gorgeous cup of coffee. We’ve made sure our Recaffe coffee beans meet the highest standards – because your customers won’t settle for second best and we don’t expect you to either.

  • Service & Maintenance

    Service & Maintenance

    Technology – it’s a wonderful thing, unless it goes wrong! We take huge pride in the reliability and efficiency of our coffee making equipment. But, if you do need us, we’ll take good care of you. When you rent coffee machines from us, you’re fully covered as soon as they begin their journey to you. And you stay covered for the duration of your contract.

    Our all-inclusive coffee machine rental packages deliver peace of mind that’s second-to-none. We don’t want you being distracted from running your business and we don’t want you getting any nasty shocks if there is a problem. We aim to change how businesses think about equipment – and that means removing the uncertainty from the service process.

    It’s the promise that we make to you as your trusted advisor on all things coffee. If you have a question, feel free to contact us – we’ll be more than happy to hear from you and provide the info you require…