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  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break: The Making Of Business Success?

    It’s not all that long ago that we took a look at why top quality office coffee could be such an amazing asset to your business. One reason is the…

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  • Starting a coffee shop business? Why not rent one of our Rancilio machines?

    Starting A Coffee Shop Business?

    Are you considering starting a coffee shop business of your own? With the demand for premium quality coffee reaching new highs, it’s perfectly reasonable to conclude there’s money to be…

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  • Coffee Rentals Case Study

    Coffee Rentals Case Study

    Do you need a coffee solution for your business? Are you trying to work out if renting is the best way forward? Let us help you make that decision. This…

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  • Starbucks' new growth plans show a continued desire to dominate the global coffee market

    Starbucks’ New Growth Plans: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

    After another record quarter – and year – of growth, Starbucks shows no signs of slowing down. The global coffee giant is looking to kick on once more, unveiling its…

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  • The grab and go food and drink market is booming in the UK and Ireland

    Grab and Go: The Growth Market – For Better or Worse?

    The grab and go food and drink market is booming in the UK and Ireland! The fast pace of modern living means that convenience is king. Not only that, but…

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  • The cost of coffee has reached a two-year high as supplies struggle to meet rising demand

    Cost of Coffee: A Problem of Supplies and Demand

    The cost of coffee is in the news once more, as global prices continue to rise. For coffee businesses in the UK and – to a lesser extent – Ireland,…

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  • Can a coffee shop business help protect popular public services such as libraries?

    Public Sector: Can Coffee Help Protect Public Services?

    As local councils continue to face intense financial pressures, could your next coffee shop venture provide an innovative solution? It’s just one idea that’s being floated by councillors in Birmingham…

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  • Unlimited Coffee: The intriguing concept of the pay-per-minute café

    Unlimited Coffee: A ‘Timely’ New Café Concept?

    Now, how’s this for an interesting take on the tried and tested coffee shop concept? A brand new café is now open for business in Brooklyn and it’s doing things…

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  • Gym Coffee: Could it lift your performance to the next level?

    Gym Coffee: Perk Up Your Performance

    It’s not going to come as a shock to hear that caffeine is an amazing pick-me-up. It is, after all, one of the most common stimulants – if not the…

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  • Equipment Bundles: Your business doesn't just do coffee – neither does ours!

    Equipment Bundles: Not Just Coffee Machines…

    At Coffee Rentals, we’re proud of the premium coffee making equipment solutions that we offer. Hospitality, retail or corporate: it doesn’t matter the sector in which your business operates. But,…

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